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The Legalization of Foreign Documents in Italy

The legalization of documents (certificates, acts, etc.) in Italy from the countries of origin is a problem that affects all immigrants who need to enforce them in Italy.  For example, the documents required to get married in Italy, the birth certificate and the authorization of marriage, must be legalized because…

Italy Law Firms

Opening a representative office in Italy

Opening Representative Office (RO) in Italy A foreign company who plans to do business in the Italian market, as first step, in order to do public relations and develop business contacts and a phased approach before the opening of a company or a branch, may open a Representative Office (RO) (Ufficio di Rappresentanza). The…

Italy Law Firms

UDPR: a “fair system”?

ANALYSIS OF THE DIFFERENT APPROACH TAKEN BY UK AND US COURTS AND THE UDPR: DOES UDPR PROVIDE A “FAIR SYSTEM” BY BALANCING CLAIMANT AND RESPONDENT INTERESTS?’ Disputes arisen as a consequence of the development of the Internet As the development of the Digital Society has grew increasingly up in Europe…

Italy Law Firms

Tax Law in Italy

The Italian Tax System is mainly codified in a general Tax Law (in Italian: Testo Unico per le imposte sui redditi) which is updated each year by an annual Finance Act (in Italian: Legge Finanziaria). The main topics of this Tax Law are: Italian resident corporations and individuals are subject…

Italy Law Firms

Copyright Alert System alias CAS

Few months have been passed from the launch (in US) of a new Program which is supposed to be a strong remedy to the online piracy: ladies and gentlemen I’m glad (?) to introduce you CAS (Copyright Alert System). There is no doubt that CAS will impact a huge portion…

Establishing an outlet in Italy

When including Art. 41 in Italian Constitution – which lays down the freedom of the economic initiative of private citizens – the Italian Legislator has established a general principle that considers the  freedom of business a fundamental right and therefore the refusal to concede an authorization to establish a business…

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